In the 2018 Baselworld event, Rolex unveiled several remarkable watches, one of which was the GMT Master II Pepsi. This particular model, with the reference number 116719BLRO, boasts a fresh dark blue dial. The classic Pepsi style is evident in its blue and red bezel, a feature typically found on vintage Rolex GMT Master watches. However, the new blue dial adds a modern touch to the timepiece. In my opinion, this GMT Master II is a beautiful blend of vintage and contemporary design. As for the replica 116719BLRO, it is a watch of moderate quality manufactured by an unknown factory. The advantage of this replica wathes lies in its affordability, much like some Rolex watches produced by the BP factory, which offer good quality at lower prices.

The case of the watch has a diameter of 40mm and has a brushed finish on the front face, while the sides and edges are polished. It is made from one piece of 316L stainless steel and is molded to match the profile of the Rolex GMT Master 116719BLRO. The Replica Rolex GMT Master 116719BLRO case is 1:1 molded according to the original, ensuring that the diameter and thickness are identical to the genuine watch. This allows the case parts on the replica to be interchanged with those on the genuine watch. The bezel on the replica is a bi-color bezel, often referred to as Pepsi because it features red and blue colors. However, unlike the original, the bezel on this replica watches is not made of ceramic but rather a common metal material.

The dial on the replica watch is blue, and all the hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous material that emits a blue light in the dark. Additionally, there is a red GMT hand with a silver arrow tip in the center, and it functions in the same way as the genuine Rolex GMT Master. The inner bezel also has the correct Rolex Rehaut engravings. Moreover, the replica Rolex includes a date function with a window positioned at 3 o’clock, and the white background contrasts clearly against the blue dial, making it easy to read the date.

Finally, the internal mechanism of the watch is an Asian ETA 2836 automatic movement. The Chinese movement has been modified to resemble the golden ETA 2836 movement. It provides a genuine GMT function to the replica watch, and the timing and date functions are also highly accurate. Currently, there are numerous super clone movements available in the market, but in my opinion, they lack the same level of stability found in this renowned clone ETA 2836 movement.

Instead of investing in an expensive genuine Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, why not opt for a more affordable replica? By doing so, you can surprise your friends while saving a significant amount of money.

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