This is a new GMT-Master Rolex replica watch that I previously mentioned. It is a fantastic replica produced by the Noob factory. The new GMT-Master II 126719 model also features a blue/red ceramic bezel, but it comes with an Oyster bracelet, whereas the previous version with the blue/red ceramic bezel from Noob had a Jubilee bracelet. Both watches are of exceptional quality, crafted with 904L stainless steel and equipped with Noob’s finest clone movement. Specifically, the latest clone 3285 movement developed by Noob is used. In fact, the Noob factory has introduced two new models of the GMT-Master II this time. One has a black dial and is powered by the clone 3186 movement, while the other model, which I am about to introduce, has its unique features.

This watch is indeed a blue GMT-Master Rolex, but I personally prefer the black dial version. The blue and red ceramic bezel complements the blue dial perfectly, although this color combination is not to my liking. I am more inclined towards the GMT-Master II 116719 with a black dial. As for the reliability of the new 3285 movement in the GMT-Master II 126719, it is necessary to provide an explanation.In the past, Noob factory faced competition from other factories, particularly ZZF, VSF, and ZF. To maintain a higher quality standard, Noob recently released the latest V11 edition of their Submariner. In the GMT-Master II field, Noob also has competitors such as V9 and GM. However, Noob has its own advantages. For example, on the GMT-Master 126719, the blue and red color on the ceramic bezel appears closer to the genuine Rolex version in Noob’s replica. Additionally, the clone 3285 movement was developed by Noob, resulting in movement decoration that closely resembles the genuine Rolex 3285 Calibre.

I apologize if my previous response seemed to suggest that the GMT-Master II replicas from GM and V9 factories are not good. On the contrary, both GM and V9 factories produce high-quality replicas of the Rolex GMT-Master II. In particular, V9 factory is known for offering competitive prices, which attracts a large number of buyers. There are instances where I personally find the clone movements produced by V9 factory to be more stable than those from Noob, whether it is the clone 3186 or 3285 movement.Noob indeed has a strong reputation in the watch industry. However, there have been instances where they have been criticized for selling their products at high prices. On the other hand, when Noob offers promotional sales, they often provide significant price reductions.It is important to note that these observations are based on general perceptions and individual opinions within the replica watch community. Different factories may have their own strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, it is up to the buyer’s personal preferences and budget to determine which replica watch best suits their needs.

Lastly, regarding the clone 3285 movement, it can be considered satisfactory. However, it is worth mentioning that GM factory also offers their own clone 3285 movement in the latest V3 GMT-Master II, and some individuals believe that GM’s version may be superior. This is a matter that requires further testing and feedback from customers to determine the overall performance and stability of the movements.Noob has undoubtedly excelled in the realm of movement decoration, showcasing their expertise in this aspect. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of the stability of their clone movements, including the A3186 and A3285, in GMT-Master replicas. It is hoped that Noob will continue to enhance the stability of their movements, allowing them to surpass other factories in this regard.

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