Panerai Luminor Marina replica watchPanerai Luminor Marina replica watch

Seems like you’ve ultimately decided to buy your first Swiss Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch, right? Believe you me, I know how you feel. Also, chances are you’ve built a respectable timepiece collection, possibly a… you can name them, but something is missing. You note it once you attend that cocktail and then some of your buddies shows up with their wrists worn with a Panerai Luminor. No doubt that during various social events there are a variety of expensive luxury timepieces, but this Swiss Panerai always steals the show. Undeniably my recently acquired Swiss Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Brown Dial Black Case Brown Leather Strap Replica is a result of that fact. It just looks awesome as awesome can be. With the decision made to acquire your Panerai today, many questions arise. Which model to buy, whether original or replica, the list is endless, but first?

Who is this Panerai Luminor meant for?

This Panerai replica is no longer just a military watch. Famous actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger have brought this watch to the big screen. Today a variety of Tom, Dick and Harry wear this luxury timepiece on their wrist, it’s undeniably the most recognizable watch. It’s for anyone who wish to adorn their wrists with the most affordable yet most classic and acclaimed luxury watches.

Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch
Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch

Why this model?

This pretty Swiss Panerai Luminor replica is a perfect clone of its authentic counterpart. Its distinctive look ensures everyone turn their heads on spotting it on your wrist. Despite its similarity to the real version, this replica comes at an overly low price.

Brief history of this timepiece

Its name-Panerai Luminor uses tritium that was patented in 1949 and is inspired by the luminous material used to create it. The design of this historical military time has not changed over the years, this consistency has undeniably led to its unmatched popularity and success.

How does it vary from the genuine model?

To an untrained eye, all Swiss Panerai Luminor look 100% identical. However, upon critical evaluation I discovered that on the real model, the dial’s brown color is paler than that on this replica. I also discovered that while the hands of the genuine model sweep silently round the dial, the replica’s hands tick and produce some slight noise. Honestly, such insignificant differences don’t justify the hefty price on the original model, right?

Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch
Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch

Unmatched features of this Panerai replica model


This case comes in a 19 mmIon case and bezel that are smooth except for the Ion-plated cutwork crown with protective clip which can resist scratches due to frequent use. The case back is a mechanics-revealing ion-plated snap-in back with Officine Panerai engravings that’s guaranteed to attract more attention from the crowd. What’s more, this case is guaranteed to fit and feel comfy on your wrist. Evidently, it’s the key reason for this replica’s stable value, buying it is a solid investment for replica watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.


This cheap Swiss Panerai Luminor replica comes with a simple dial that entails a sandwiched structure. In spite of the deep surface, the brown dial is quite easy to read. It’s 54 x 44 mm diameter doesn’t feature any logo. It’s Ion-plated bezel’s color accentuates the brown color while this brown disk’s hands are highlighted with lume material thus making it overly beautiful. Above it lies a sapphire crystal that apart from enabling for a clear view of the details, it cushions it from scratches and damage. What are you waiting for, make up your mind and grab this wonderful timepiece now.


This model features a Swiss ETAKinetic (Automatic) movement that powers this amazing replica. Unlike some of its counterparts, it doesn’t have a chronograph function nor a date display at the 3 o’clock position. No doubt that this movement is very accurate and reliable.


For sure, you need a Luminor to complete your collection, this watch’s bracelet tells it all. It measures 195 x 24 mm thus ensuring it perfectly fits in most men’s wrist. It’s made from officine Panerai Italy heat embossed brown leather strap with white thread stitching and Panerai engraved ion-plated hook-buckle clasp thus ensuring it doesn’t get off your wrist.

Most renowned seller supplies varied models of Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch. Most watch enthusiasts will undoubtedly refer you to the site for a simple reason, their watches are of unrivaled quality yet comes in an overly affordable price that you won’t find elsewhere. I bought this replica from and it’s just the most sensational watch I never had. One waring however, is that despite all their watches being water resistant, they’re not waterproof; So don’t go swimming or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Specifications of this Swiss Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch

Back         Mechanics-revealing ion-plated snap-in back with Officine Panerai engravings

Band Type       Leather

Bezel       Ion-plated bezel

Bracelet  Officine Panerai Italy heat embossed brown leather strap with white thread stitching and Panerai engraved ion-plated hook-buckle clasp

Bracelet Length       195 x 24 mm

Case         Ion-plated case

Case Thickness       19 mm

Chronograph N/A

Crown     Ion-plated cutwork crown with protective clip

Dial Color        Brown

Diameter         54 x 44 mm

Gender      Men

Glass        Sapphire Crystal

Movement     Kinetic (Automatic)

Quality    Swiss ETA

Shipping Size S

Watch Clasp   Buckle

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