It’s the first time I’ve come across a replica Rolex watch with a skeleton face, and I must admit it appears rather unconventional to me. However, for those who appreciate creativity and unique designs, it could be quite appealing. One notable figure who comes to mind is Andrea Pirlo, a renowned football player widely recognized by fans in China and around the globe. While I may not personally be a fan of his, he undeniably enjoys a significant following.The watch exudes a distinctive charm, combining elements of elegance with a rugged appearance, reminiscent of Andrea Pirlo’s style on the football field. Its unconventional design adds a touch of individuality, which might resonate with enthusiasts seeking something different from traditional Rolex watches.

The dial takes center stage in these replica watches, particularly with the skeleton design that offers a clear view of all the intricate machine parts. The sapphire crystal on the front allows for a captivating glimpse into the movement of the replica rolex, which features a clone 3130 caliber. Upon conducting a thorough comparison between photos of the genuine watch and the replica, I couldn’t discern any significant differences.Replicating a watch with a skeleton dial is undoubtedly a challenging task. Every component of the movement is on display, demanding meticulous attention to detail from the watch manufacturer. In this case, VR factory has done an impressive job in ensuring that each movement part is replicated to mimic the genuine model accurately. Their dedication to precision is evident in the final product.

Indeed, VR factory has employed the use of 904L stainless steel in crafting this replica watch, in addition to the highly accurate clone 3130 movement. While the price of approximately 550 USD may seem high for some, it is still considered affordable by many.However, it is worth noting that despite its impressive craftsmanship and materials, purchasing a replica watch like this one might not be a popular choice for everyone. The genuine watch holds special significance as it was specifically made for Andrea Pirlo, a well-known figure in the world of football. Wearing a replica could potentially attract attention, as others may quickly recognize it as such.So, while the replica may offer a more accessible option for those who admire the design, it’s important to consider the implications and personal preferences before making a decision.

Here is specification of the replica watch.

Movement: Asia Clone 3130 Automatic, 28800BPH, Rotor and Plates Decorated to Real Rolex 3130 Caliber
Case: 40mm*13mm, 904L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Black Ceramic
Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Rolex Crown at 6 o’clock
Bracelet: 904L Stainless steel with Deployant Clasp
Water Resistant: 30m

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