The Sea-Dweller 126600 is not a recent addition to Rolex’s lineup. It was introduced several years ago and immediately garnered attention from buyers. Its 43mm size struck a balance between the 40mm Submariner and the 44mm DEEPSEA Sea-Dweller, making it a popular choice. However, with the recent release of the new 41mm Submariner, the popularity of the 43mm Sea-Dweller 126600 has slightly diminished. Being a professional diving watch, it tends to be thicker, which may not suit everyone’s preferences. As a result, the 41mm Submariner has gained more popularity among buyers.

In the replica watch industry, the replica Sea-Dweller 126600 has followed a similar development trend to its genuine counterpart. Around four years ago, AR was the first factory to produce the replica 126600, which gained significant popularity upon its initial release. AR factory placed great emphasis on the finish of the case and bracelet, making their replica 126600 one of the best-selling Rolex replicas at that time. In subsequent years, AR factory continued to update their replica 126600, eventually reaching the V4 edition before closing down.Apart from AR, other watch factories such as Noob and GM also manufactured the 126600 during that period. However, both AR and Noob have since closed. Presently, in the replica watch market, there are only two factories offering super clone versions of the 126600: GM and VS. It’s worth noting that VS recently announced their release of the replica 126600, expanding the options available to buyers.

GM factory offers two movement options, namely the 2836 and 3235, for their replica Sea-Dweller 126600. On the other hand, VS factory currently only equips this watch with the 3235 movement. Both options are worth considering, but personally, I would choose the one from VS factory due to its superior 3235 movement.VS factory initially utilized the 3235 movement in their Datejust 2 model, where it underwent rigorous testing for nearly a year. This gives me confidence in its quality and reliability. Currently, there are two clone 3235 movements available in the market, one from VS and the other from Clean. Both factories claim that their version is the best, and so far, customers have not expressed any complaints about either one.Regarding the power reserve of the 3235 movement used in the replica 126600 from VS, it is stated to be up to 72 hours. While I cannot verify this claim firsthand, as no customers have specifically mentioned it, I believe it likely offers a longer power reserve compared to the 3235 movement from Clean and GM.

Indeed, the 3235 movement is a significant advantage and selling point of the replica single red Sea-Dweller. When a watch factory has an advantage that other factories do not possess, it makes their replica watches more attractive to customers.Regarding the bezel, VS factory uses stamping technology to fix the ceramic insert into the groove, which is closer to the genuine watch than the glue fixing method used by GM or Clean. The bezel itself is ceramic and uni-directional rotating, with a lume pear on the triangle marker that can be set back to align with the crown logo on the inner bezel and the 12:00 hour marker on the dial.When pressing down on the bezel with your fingers, there should be a flexible space between the bezel and the middle case. This is normal and does not affect water resistance. The genuine watch’s bezel also behaves in this manner.

Yes, the price of the VS 126600 is slightly higher than that of the GM 126600. However, if you truly appreciate this watch’s large diving-style design, it’s worth considering purchasing from VS factory. In general, all Rolex watches from VS factory are reasonably priced and offer good value for money.I appreciate your desire for VS factory to produce a replica Daytona watch. However, at this point, it’s unclear whether they have plans to do so. Nevertheless, with their track record of producing high-quality replica watches, it would be exciting to see what they could create if they did decide to produce a Daytona model. Currently, Clean sells Daytona replicas at a higher price point, so a competitively priced alternative from VS factory would likely be well received by customers.

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