Vintage Rolex watches hold great allure for many individuals, but finding an original piece from the past can be quite challenging. If one is fortunate enough to come across a vintage Rolex at an auction market, the price is often exorbitant. As a result, some readers have approached me, seeking recommendations for high-quality replica vintage Rolex watches.In our watch market, replicas of vintage Rolex watches are available, with the majority being Submariner models. However, it’s important to note that not all replica vintage Rolexes are of top-tier quality. When compared to those manufactured by well-known factories such as ARF, GMF, and ZF, their overall quality may fall short. Nonetheless, some replicas still possess an attractive appearance and can satisfy your desire for a vintage Rolex timepiece.

I understand that the vintage Rolex you are referring to is an Explorer model, produced by a smaller, unidentified factory. It is possible that this factory has previously specialized in creating replica vintage Rolex watches, such as the Submariner 5580 or the Daytona Paul Newman. Based on the images you have seen, you are drawn to this particular replcia Rolex watch.

The vintage Rolex Explorer replica I am discussing features a larger and more robust case compared to the modern Explorer models. The crown is securely screwed down and does not protrude significantly, providing comprehensive protection with the presence of crown guards. The entire case boasts a brushed finish, although the specific dimensions regarding diameter and thickness are unknown. The case back is solid and smooth, and the bracelet’s connection to the case differs from that of present-day Rolex Explorers.

The vintage Explorer replica you described features a black dial with white hour markers and hands, except for the central orange 24-hour hand. The material used for the dial’s cover is likely mineral glass rather than sapphire crystal. The hour markers are square bar-shaped, with the markers at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock (in the form of a triangle) being noticeably larger than the others. It’s worth noting that this particular vintage Explorer II dial does not include Arabic numeral hour markers.As for the movement inside, it utilizes an Asia clone ETA 2836. While this movement was commonly used in replica watches in the past, it is no longer employed by super clone Rolex or many other replica watches of Swiss brands. The Japanese Miyota 9015 movement has become a popular choice for such replicas. However, the clone 2836 still holds a significant position in the market and is frequently utilized in moderate-quality replica Rolex watches.

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