The watch I’m about to share with you all is a recently released model from VS factory. It is a customized Submariner created by DiW. Although I haven’t personally visited DiW’s website, watches of this kind have always captivated us with their distinctive allure. While we are accustomed to seeing the standard Submariner models like the black 116610LN or the green hulk, the custom-made Rolex Submariner stands out due to its use of unique and special materials, as well as its vibrant color options, which have garnered significant interest from enthusiasts.

Only prominent factories possess the ability to manufacture DiW Rolex replicas, and it is primarily from these factories that people choose to purchase super clones. VS factory has already made a significant impact in this regard, having achieved great success with their previous production of the GMT-Master II DiW replicas. The DiW Submariner replica by VS factory is meticulously crafted using authentic 904L stainless steel, with a striking matte-finished DLC coating on the case and bracelet, resulting in an attractive black appearance. The bezel insert is skillfully made from genuine forged carbon material. In their latest release, VS factory presents three distinct versions of the DiW Submariner, each boasting a captivating gradient dial color. Personally, I am particularly drawn to the variant featuring a green and black dial.

The price of this particular replica is on the higher side, but it is understandable considering its quality. I have encountered various custom-made Rolex replicas, and those made by smaller factories often fall short of meeting clients’ expectations. Therefore, I would suggest that if you desire a super clone DiW Rolex watch, it is advisable to purchase from established and reputable larger factories such as VS. These watches boast materials that closely resemble the authentic ones, accurate bezel engravings, and, most importantly, the internal movement is guaranteed to be of high quality.

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